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Tunnel Lighting Into High Speed "energy Hogs" Hubei LED Energy-saving Energy-saving 60%
Edit: Shenzhen WFD Electronics Co.,Ltd    Date: May 04, 2015

On the highway tunnel lighting is "energy hogs" area in East Hubei Ma Wu, Wu Ying, high-speed road is located in the dabie mountain, Anhui Province, Hubei Province, 9, 11 km of tunnel and tunnel lighting of the whole section a total electricity consumption of about 30%. Tianjingshan Ma Wu Expressway tunnel adjacent to the border of Anhui, Anhui-1287 metres in length in the direction of Wuhan, Wuhan-single hole 1311 metres in length in the direction of Anhui Province.

To reduce lighting energy consumption, yellow Office tianjingshan tunnel (Beijing-Wuhan cavities) 488 HPS lamp replacement for 558 LED energy saving lights, and at the end put into trial operation in October. By tianjingshan tunnels left and right holes compared energy consumption, in 3 months,-single-month decline in electricity consumption in Wuhan in Anhui 56.2%, and tunnel lighting is significantly increased, greatly improve tunnel safety operating environment.

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