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Semiconductor Materials, Substitute For Localization To Explode Critical Point
Shenzhen WFD Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 04, 2015

At this point, we continue to stress the semiconductor sector investment opportunities. From a broader policy perspective, this year's Government work report repeatedly stressed two important issues, the information network of integrated circuits, integrated circuit industry as the basis for other emerging applications, plays an important role. 2014 introduction the national platform for development of IC industry and national leading group for the integrated circuit industry development and industry investment fund was set up and running, gradually rises to the height of national strategy of integrated circuits. At present, from all levels of Government to fund, industry associations are working on the new industrial development policy, integrated circuit is expected to welcome the policy winds. Meanwhile, semiconductor and integrated circuit industry fundamentals in March, North American semiconductor equipment B/B flat in June last year, its highest level since, reaching 1.1, and B/B values are maintained in the first quarter this year on behalf of the economic expansion of more than 1, showing high prosperity of the whole IC industry. We recommend focusing on semiconductor plates, including wafer fabrication market space, materials and packaging materials are very broad, while the localization rate low, substitute for localization to explode critical point, integrated top down and bottom up perspective, we think Hingsen technology, danbang technology, Shanghai Xin Yang company has a long-term distribution and encouraging breakthrough, worthy of long-term sustainable good. We also recommend security investment opportunities in the area of the chip, in the field of mobile Internet and mobile payments, security processors are the lifeblood of healthy development of the whole industry, driven by the trend to IOE, domestic security chip and integrated circuit industry to obtain the good development opportunity, is recommended to focus on national technology, the company is expected to enter high-growth inflection point.

Meanwhile, we continue to strongly recommend automotive and telematics sectors. Semiconductor research transfer agency IC Insights latest forecast predicts that the global IC market growth this year 7%, and automotive IC clueless, all introduction of the smart car, driving up automobile electronics on the growth 20%, automotive electronics growth will this year ranks first in all kinds of electronic products, compound annual growth rate of 6.5% between 2014-2019, automotive electronics also will maintain the growth leader. For now, the car's intelligent, energy-saving, networking is the trend of choice, automotive applications from high-end to low-end models penetration and value of automotive electronics in the vehicle share rising, in addition to the popularization of new energy vehicles more promoted the development of automotive electronics industry. While cars as the interconnection of all things the next Blue Ocean, very large space. Industry, automotive and telematics threshold is relatively high, certification for a long time, the most notable are those who are good at using the extension of transnational merger and acquisition of companies and technological prowess and customer resources, and its accumulation in the automotive electronics industry has some, this industry has a profound understanding and awareness, facilitated by the extension of endogenous growth faster.

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