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Samsung Apple Mac Cant Impact: Caused By Intensified Competition In The Chip Industry
Shenzhen WFD Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 04, 2015

After World War, Samsung in a patent lawsuit with Apple slate clean, chip industry competition or increases, SanDisk, TSMC and other chip makers are concerned, they may face the threat of entering the winter.

Most intense competition within the field of science and technology, collaboration may turn into a nobody's going to stop. Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) era of Apple, Apple terminated a lucrative supply contract with Samsung, and launched a costly legal proceedings. But for now, tensions began to loose them.

In August 2014, Apple CEO Tim Cook (TimCook) agreed to gradually ease with Samsung in a patent lawsuit against it. In addition, the two companies collaborate on the new product again.

Samsung OEM for Apple next generation iPhone mobile phone chips, as well as provide display devices for other Apple products. Samsung to inventory a $ 14 billion budget to build new factories, buy new equipment to accommodate its biggest new clients. Samsung and Apple entered into an Alliance that can be described as a win-win situation: the Apple can be obtained from one of the world's largest and most advanced chip makers--Samsung products to help them over the competition; and Samsung is by obtaining orders from, the core of Apple chips, helps to relieve its mobile profit stagnated, tight fiscal situation. But for other companies in the field of semiconductor manufacturing, from TSMC to SanDisk, almost all will suffer as a result.

According to a quarterly report released by Samsung on April 29 during the quarter, the company each component business showed growth momentum. Meanwhile, the older Apple iPhone mobile phone chip supplier TSMC is pared back their spending plans. "Samsung comeback in the chip market," Wedbush securities analyst BetsyVanHees said, "when you look at all the capacity they will be published to the Web, you might be surprised about those investments. ”

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