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The global connector industry healthy and sustainable development
Shenzhen WFD Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 04, 2015

Connectors include electrical connectors and fiber optic connectors, as one of the connected electrical wiring components whose purpose is in the devices and components, with cabinets, electrical connectors and the signal transfer between the systems and subsystems, and maintain the system and the system of signal distortion and loss of energy occurs between changes. As the basis for the whole electrical system electrical connections necessary component of, widely used in aviation, aerospace, military equipment, telecommunications, computing, automotive, industrial, household appliances and other fields.

According to statistics Bishop& Associates, the global connector industry 10-year compound growth rate of 6.2% of 1997-2006. The last four years (2002-2006) the compound growth rates of 12.02%. In 2006, the global connector industry sales of about 40 billion dollars in 2005, representing a growth of 12.6%. Bishop&Associates ongoing throughout 2007 connector market is expected to rise to 7.9%.

Domestic electrical connector industry benefit from production

As electronic transfer of manufacturing to China for nearly 20 years, domestic demand for electrical connectors increased significantly, also including Tyco/AMP, Molex, Berg, Amphenol connectors for internationally renowned companies worldwide, connector manufacturers shifted their production bases to mainland China, domestic electrical connector industry growth rate is significantly higher than the global average.

According to BISHOP ASSOCIATES estimates that in 2005 China connector market sales of 4.946 billion dollars, proportion of 13.9% of the world, an increase of 20.1%. In 5 major regional markets around the world, China's fastest-growing regional market, middle-aged compound annual growth rate over the last 5 years of 27.2%. According to BISHOP ASSOCIATES predicted that in 2006 China connector market growth rate of 21.53%. China has become the fastest growing global connector market, and will continue to maintain its high growth trend.

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