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Rapid growth in China's power transformer industry demand the prospect of substantial
Shenzhen WFD Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 04, 2015

In recent years, the rapid growth in demand for electricity in China and high speed construction of power grid investment and fueling demand for power transmission and transformation equipment on the market today. Large power transformer industry opportunities and challenges of the construction fund, prompting the transformer industry has been developing rapidly.

China transformer industry competition, foreign multinationals to seize a significant market share, domestic transformer manufacturers is also growing rapidly. In the keen competition in the low-end market, with more than 220KV transformer capacity of enterprise, more than 20, a 110KV transformer product production capacity of enterprises with more than 100 companies. Production above 500KV transformer enterprises through technical and capacity building has high barriers to entry, market stabilized.

In 2011, the transformer output 1,430,001,000 kVA, an increase of 6.86%. 2011 China transformer manufacturing industry enterprises above designated size 1461; reported sales of 290.14 billion yuan, total profit 16.608 billion yuan, assets 263.84 billion yuan, profit on sales of 33.972 billion yuan.

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2012-2020 this period, China's market will be directly under the influence of power grid construction and transformation in the country, a period of relatively rapid development, industrial scale will continue to increase.

With the deepening of power grid renovation project, grid upgrades speed accelerates, transformer production in China will still maintain a rapid growth rate, estimated that by 2015, exceeding 2,000,001,000 kVA transformer output in China.

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