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Phone connector heat rising in the market, suppliers actively
Shenzhen WFD Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 04, 2015

Meet the mobile multifunctional intensified in recent years, the development trend of mobile phone connector is "diversity", in this context, more and more companies take advantage in one of its most skilled part of the focus on the development of strategies. They must constantly update their technical domain to remain profitable, and praise from the handset makers.

"We according to their technical characteristics, focusing on promoting universal connector (Universal-Contact) and the mini RF connectors (mini-RF Switch Connector). "Chen Lianrong, said ITT's strategy was to play to their own advantages, to suit market demand for high quality products. "Of course, we will also in the future according to the specific application areas and develop new products. "He added.

According to reports, as a representative of ITT phone connector products, universal connector and mini-RF connectors and the biggest feature is the small size of mobile phone design space savings for customers, and has a good connectivity and cost-effective. For example, the minimum size for 3.48x1.0x1.3mm universal connector, and can provide multiple options for height, from 1.3mm to 4.0mm can be, cell phone manufacturers when used in accordance to specific circumstances to adjust the spacing distance, flexibility is very high. Universal connector after you install the connection, minimum height of only 0.9mm, the life of 3,000 times. Chen Lianrong, although this product is better than the other in terms of cost about 10% connectors, but no similar product on the market, so the price/performance advantages. It is worth mentioning that, universal connectors with spring-like design, with beryllium copper as material, elasticity and the contact force is strong, "in pressing for a long time after that performance is still good. "Chen Lianrong stressed. Universal connector with preload load, using a unique anti-deviation from the design to prevent spring because of too much pressure or too much rebound and undermine its structure and performance, and to ensure universal connector on the x-y-z axis do not deviate from the proper range of movement within, keep a good shock resistance and impact resistance. Chen Lianrong special shows the products of "blocking the Tin" design: when the surface solder paste can effectively turn the soldering block up, preventing the solders to float (commonly known as "climb the Tin") connectors and products and affect performance.

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