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Low-voltage breaker gradually expanded the scope of
Shenzhen WFD Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 04, 2015

Low-voltage circuit breakers in the building was widely used in low-voltage distribution system, is a kind of protection of the electrical components, with circuit breaker protection, overload protection, control and isolation capabilities, suitable for industrial and civil building terminals for low voltage distribution system. Low voltage circuit breaker in power distribution system if designed properly, it will affect the normal work of power supply circuit. Therefore, in the design of low-voltage power distribution systems, should pay attention to selectivity and cascading protection of low-voltage circuit breaker and other detail work.

Low voltage circuit breaker selection. In order to ensure the reliability of low-voltage power distribution system, selective of low voltage circuit breaker Terminal is an important part of the design of low-voltage power distribution system.

In a circuit breaker-protected distribution systems: when an electrical fault occurs, away from the fault circuit breaker nearest fault clearing and other circuit breaker no action at all levels, thus caused by problems within the power down to a minimum, making other trouble-free power supply can keep the normal power supply, which is required for low voltage circuit breaker selection. Low voltage circuit breaker device of selective in low voltage distribution system design in the occupies is important of location, it can to user brings convenience, and can guarantee powered loop work of continuity, because household appliances in no select sex protection Xia, once occurred electrical fault, distribution loop of continuity on cannot get guarantee, makes household appliances as refrigerator, and row fume machine, in downtime stay started state, effects has user of daily.

In low-voltage power distribution system of low voltage circuit breaker according to the protective properties can be divided into two types of selective and non-selective. Selective low-voltage circuit breaker with two and three stage protection two transient characteristics and short-delay characteristic applies to short circuit, long time delay characteristics suitable for overload protection. Non-selective low-voltage circuit breaker is generally instantaneous action, only short circuit protection, as well as for a long-delayed action only overload protection.

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