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How many players left the mobile phone chip market?
Shenzhen WFD Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 04, 2015

It is well known that the chip industry (not just a mobile phone chip), technology, scale, funds are its three key elements for survival and development. These features in the once largest traditional PC chip industry have been verified. AMD was a PC with Intel in the early and middle of the market, both sides can be said as well as difficult technically, but ultimately limited by the size and funding of the short Board, overtaken by Intel substantially. And today's cell phone chip market been true.

From the perspective of the competitive landscape of the market for mobile phone chips, only really three elements are equipped with Qualcomm. Technically, Qualcomm is closely related to cell phone chip AP, or the baseband chip, or on important SoC integration capabilities are far beyond its competitors; size, Qualcomm is currently in AP and baseband IC market share and revenues are at the top, and far ahead of his Republican rival. Such as in base with chip market, Strategy Analytics of latest report displayed, Qualcomm to 66% of income market share stability home head put spot, mediatek and Intel respectively to 12% and 7% row in second and third bit, and in city adjustable institutions IC Insights released of 2013 global Qian 25 big no crystal round factory IC design company revenue ranking in the, Qualcomm more is to years revenue 17.2 billion dollars high home topped, is ranking second Bo pass 8.219 billion dollars of twice times more. Now that you have the leading-edge technology and scale of funding (both early and the remainder of the investment in research and development), nature is not an issue, and will continue to form technology, scale and effect of the normal circulation of funds.

Then take a look at the so-called Qualcomm's biggest rival mediatek (MTK). From the 2G era, the chips for the formation of a deposit and development of Foundation Turnkey mode. This pattern was welcomed by mobile phone manufacturers because of low prices. Into the 3G era, this model is mediatek rely heavily on the model, but the only difference is that the cell phone chip industry leader Qualcomm have begun similar models, splash that Qualcomm QRD, and Qualcomm will override the model to a high, medium and low. According to Qualcomm Qualcomm handset chips full explanation is that the future of the QRD.

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