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Expanded China Mobile phone supply chain restructure small and medium
Shenzhen WFD Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 04, 2015

Recently city phone upstream manufacturers as dimension exhibition photoelectric, LCD module factory, and including optical factory, and Terminal phone and the flat computer programme commercial, are outgoing closed news, supply chain industry who said, city phone supply chain faced funds shortage and the zero component market glut effects, operating pressure continued expanded, especially city phone market competition increasingly fierce, many phone factory in market Shang suffered mess flow, affects upstream supplier also into dilemma.

Continental integrated touch panel supply chain trends

City phone touch controlled Panel factory revealed, global phone market competition more strong, market crowded degree far over industry imagine, not only phone terminal market war extended burn, makes phone zero component price pressure intensified, plus zero component manufacturers frequency launched price offensive qiangshi accounted for, whole market order big mess, phone zero component factory in manufacturing, and development and the inventory pressure big increased, in hard operating state, small and medium manufacturers situation more difficult, industry who expected phone supply chain fear again big shuffle, market layout will continued restructuring.

Mobile phone operators pointed out that small and medium operators in the supply chain of large manufacturers under the strong crowd out, not only it is difficult to differentiate products, small and medium manufacturers have all deteriorated due to inadequate technology and economies of scale significantly, cell phone small and medium sized manufacturers are facing playoff pressure increasing in the upper reaches.

Worth note of is, city phone supply chain unrest, not only caused phone zero component factory market layout Gale blow, touch controlled panel supply chain more diffuse a unit whole and wave, in the large touch controlled manufacturers continued recruiting, active pulled war force, like is city Qian three big glass type projection capacitor touch controlled sensor Director letter technology merged touch controlled module factory drept, acquisition both module factory capacity, as city Qian three big protection glass factory stars technology is acquisition touch controlled module factory deep more photoelectric, for Shang, and downstream a article whip vertical integrated.

Touch panel plant Jiangxi Heli Tech is through chemical merged, get the listed tickets. In addition, the original touch panel for Taiwan-funded factory Mangun optoelectronics, due to touch products price competition is intense, gradually losing market with force, dispose of subsidiaries Mutto Optronics Group Limited 100% equity resolutions, to cede the touch panel, Mangun photovoltaic Taiwan shareholders lose playing through equity transfer, by the Hong Kong United optical white Mangun optical Suzhou Dongshan precision manufacturing base.

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