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Development of alternative technical status of ITO Film
Shenzhen WFD Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 04, 2015

Future mobile terminal, and can wear equipment, and smart appliances, products, on touch panel of has strong needs, while with touch controlled panel big size of, and low price of, and traditional ITO film cannot for can bent application, conductive sex and the light rate, nature problem easily overcome, factors, all Panel manufacturers have began research ITO of alternative products, including Nano Silver, and metal network grid, and nano carbon tube and graphite Ene, material.

New materials technology applications from smart phones popular panel size extends all the way to 20 inches above the device, and its resistance, extensibility and flexibility are superior to ITO thin films. Although new materials in a short period of time can not completely replace ITO Film, but new technology has a huge advantage, but reaction from the market point of view, application of new technologies in the production of film products in the share accounted for by increased. Now, throw in the design phase of Graphene, the distance is far from mass production. Technology of industrialized production of carbon nanotubes is imperfect, its film products made from conductive cannot reach the level of conventional ITO film. Thus, from the comprehensive evaluation of technology development and market application, metal grid with Nano Silver technology will be new touch technology lead in the near future.

Metal grids (Metal Mesh) technology using silver, copper and other metals or oxides are easy to get and cheap raw materials, plastics such as PET film to suppress the formation of conductive metal grid pattern. The theory of minimum resistance values of up to 0.1 ohms/square inch, and has better EMI shielding effect. But limited by the print production process, its the touch sensor designs of metal line width is thicker, typically greater than 5um, which causes under high pixel (typically greater than 200ppi) Mo Swiss interference in the ripple is very obvious. Murray interference refers to pixels in the digital product display, optical mirrors, as well as touch conductive metallic pattern in horizontal and vertical direction, align rules of fine regular pattern of pixels and objects overlap slightly off, moiré patterns of interference occurs. Due to the interference of Murray, metal grids made of thin film products shall not apply in high resolution smartphones, tablets on high-resolution product, applies only to observe distant display screens, such as desktop integration machine, laptop, smart TVs, and so on.

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