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Connectors: new range of technological progress speed
Shenzhen WFD Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 04, 2015

With mobile products, led by mobile phone to the smaller, thin and high performance development, display Assembly connection to the substrate is more complex. In this context, the substrate to substrate connector, FPC Connector for multipolar narrow spacing, low back, demand more urgent, especially the extremely thin demand for connectors with ultra-low back inside the machine needs more eagerly. To achieve the low back, narrow space and high reliability, miniaturization, and multi-polarization, manufacturers have used analogue technology research and development.

Connectors for manufacturing equipment/machine----technological advances are critical success factors

Many connector to use machine tools and manufacturing equipment. To achieve high performance, high precision, high density packaging, connectors, advances in technology are important factors. The manufacturers competitive in technology development. Main power supply Department, equipment used to connect all kinds of manufacturing equipment and control signals between components of connectors, circular connectors, rectangular connectors. In order to improve the accuracy of manufacture of products, and require high performance connectors. Currently developing smaller, more high-current power connectors. In order to improve the safety performance of connectors are tough, waterproof performance is essential.

Connection signal connectors are towards multicore development, 70 or 80 conductor for special purposes, such as many core products are put into production. Power supply and signal GM's complex products have been produced. In addition to the standard products, the market is also a great product of customized specification.

In order to raise additional connector products, manufacturers have used its own technology for metal shell implementation of metal processing, the production of differentiated products, investing in the development of simplified wiring operation products. Machines may also use fiber-optic cables in the future. To this end, associated with optical technology development is also under way.

In recent years, the production site is using Internet technology called secure network, built with the same network connection control equipment and security equipment for a high security system. Developed with input for the connection of those networks are very active.

Recently, lathes, electronic components manufacturing equipment used more and more attention to the RoHS directive-led environmental regulations. In fact, in the RoHS European directive rules and limits do not include spare parts for industrial equipment. However, the large Assembly, manufacturing equipment manufacturers have developed internal rules and strict environmental protection rules for all component management. Therefore, the connector manufacturers in the design of the product must also attach great importance to and thoroughly implement the chemicals management.

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