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2018 touch panel market size exceed 3 trillion yen
Shenzhen WFD Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 04, 2015

Japan Fuji economic market research institutions (Fuji Keizai) 12th survey report states that due to increased demand for smartphones, tablet computers, boost 2013 global increase in electrostatic capacity type touch panel market is 71% to 2.52 trillion yen, with the number of conversions to 1.381 billion.

Fuji Keizai said the advanced country the smart-phone market is mature, but due to demand from emerging countries will continue to rise, coupled with laptops, car demand will increase, expected 2018 electrostatic capacity type touch panel in the global market will grow from 2013 26.4% number conversion to 3.19 trillion yen, with 48.1% growth to 2.046 billion.

Fine distinction, 2018 thin film sensor type (Filmsensor) touch panel market scale surged 70.4% to 1.48 trillion yen, from 2013 to convert number to explode 1 time to 1.298 billion; protective glass integrated Smartphone factories benefit from the Mainland have adopted market size is estimated to be growing in volume 73.7% to 301.4 billion yen, converted to drastically increased by 1.6 times from 326 million.

Fuji Keizai noted that 2013 electrode substrate electrostatic capacity type touch panel 90% above using ITO Film and estimated future Smartphone/tablet computer market continues to be dominated by ITO thin films, but the metal grids (Metal Mesh) films in car displays, wearable devices, flexible (flexible) uses market demand could rapidly expand.

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